Breathing Room

sound installation / performance

Three loudspeakers send sine-wave sounds whose frequency increases steplessly from 0 to 600Hz (500Hz) with different tempos and then drops back to 0Hz. This triggers a process that makes the room resonate. The visitors hear and feel a constantly changing interference soundscape. Breathing Room deals with the experimental production of certain sound phenomena and their perception and observation in an empty space.

This project has been supported by the Musikfonds scholarship programme within the framework of Neustart Kultur 2020-2021.
neustart kultur musik fonds

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» Performances

Brennerei Zernikow / Großwoltersdorf, Brandenburg / 15.June - 07.July 2019
Breathing Room

Odd Wednesday / Acud, Berlin / 05.Aug.2020
odd wednesday

Experimental music 2020 / Domagk Ateliers, Munich / 12.Dec.2020

T.A.T.V #2 / ausland, Berlin / 26.Feb.2021

Stairwell / Schoeneweide, Berlin / 21.March 2021

Factory / Schoeneweide, Berlin / 21.March 2021

Spektral-Raumohr, Berlin / 13.April 2021

Villa Parco Bolasco / Castelfranco Veneto, Italy / 16.Sep. - 30.Oct. 2022